Polaris Burandt Bag – Large (Lock & Ride Flex)

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This bag features Lock & Ride Flex technology. The bag provides great weather resistance and comes with integrated mounts for a shovel jacket. The Lock & Ride Flex Burandt bag uses two mounting locations to securely attach to the vehicle and the oversized buckles provide easy access to your gear even with your gloves on.

  • Compression molded, turtle shell design for enhanced weather resistance
  • Oversized buckles provide easy access to gear with your gloves on
  • Integrated mounts for shovel jacket enabling riders to carry a secondary shovel
  • Installation on AXYS and Pro-Ride sleds requires the Lock & Ride Flex Adapter Kit (2884939)
  • Fits all Matryx 155 and longer sleds, all snowmobiles 155 and longer with full tunnel and Lock & Ride Flex Adapter Kit (2884939)